Ending Domestic Violence

Overcoming the pattern of abuse is a hard and long road.Hiatus House offers support on every level including a safe place to stay, counselling for the whole family, support for children, and group programs. via Helping us fight Domestic Voilence — Smudge Metaphysical

The Astrology of 2017 — Jessica Davidson

We have an interesting year ahead of us – it could feel highly energising and positive, but we’ll have to remember to keep our feet on the ground. The upheavals we’ve seen in the last few years will continue so we need to get our heads around what’s going on – archetypally speaking – then […]…

Nominated Again!

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I was very excited to hear that Smudge is being nominated for BEST RETAIL again this year! Last year, after being open less than half a year, I was nominated, and was the recipient of the Biz X Award for Best Retail 2015. What an honor, to have the recognition…

Moon Phase Correspondants

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Incorporating the Moon Phases into your spell work, goal setting, or intention setting gives it an extra oomph. Each stage of the moon has a different energy associated with it. When you incorporate the natural ebb and flow of natures cycles into your magickal practice, you will see quicker results.…

Releasing Fear Spell

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This year (unless you are me and are constantly changing) has been packed full of hard reality checks, difficult change, and transitions. It’s scary, and even though we might know that the outcome of our change will be way better than what we are living or doing right now, fear…

Ready for Mercury Retrograde?

When Mercury goes retrograde, communication, transportation, judgement and thinking becomes cloudy and challenged. You can take advantage of this by doing shadow work yourself. Take the time to look inside and see what is causing you to have issues with the problems and situations that pop up during a retrograde cycle.

New Business Q&A

It’s been an incredible journey for me this past year and a half! Last year I took a break from writing so I could focus on opening and growing my new business. I have to say that it has been joyous, difficult, maddening and triumphant all at the same time. I have had numerous requests…

Today’s Guidance – Energy Cleansing

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It’s a beautiful day today here in Lasalle, Ontario, Canada, so I’m taking in the morning sun, and doing some intuitive work. I absolutely love this new deck I got in at the store called Witchlings.  It’s a beautiful vintage style deck that has a reference spell or ritual for…

Simple Full Moon Release Ritual

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Full Moon Release Ritual Items you’ll need: Candles,paper,matches,a pen,crystals and items for inspiration 1. Create your sacred space by gathering items that symbolize your intent for this ritual. Begin by smudging, grounding and centering yourself, and clearing your mind of outside chatter. 2. Invoke the four corners and invite your…

Talking to God, you are Never Alone

My close relationship with God throughout my younger years, was really the only way I could exercise my intuitive abilities in a safe way.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice! For the first time since 1967, the summer summer solstice pic smudgesolstice coincides with a rare strawberry moon. The Summer Solstice is a very powerful day to do magick or set intentions. Tonight is also a Sagittarius Full Moon. The Full moon is a time where you set goals, but focus on letting go of what is standing in your way of those goals. Let go and clear your path for new things to come into your life.